Pharmaceuitcal Packaging Concepts

Traditionally, most medicines are dispensed to customers in retail settings in plastic vials with prescription information on the labels. The biggest innovations in the memory of many people are the creation of the child-proof cap and the invention of the circular dispenser for birth control pills.
As more people are consuming more and more medications it becomes more difficult for people to reliably take the correct medications at the correct time. Results of people not doing that occur every day in large numbers, often with tragic consequences.
We are now seeing some medication appear in plastic “blisters” or in soft plastic pouches. These package styles have significant advantages today, but may not be optimal in the future.
Edge Technology, working together with Luciano Packaging Technology, has a focused effort on creating new packaging technologies that:

  1. Groups together all the tablets that a person takes at one time into one container.
  2. Identifies which container is supposed to be taken when – by date and time
  3. Are easy to carry
  4. Are easy to use
  5. Are economical

This ongoing effort is focused on creating new concepts, intellectual property and prototypes.