Prescription Inspection Technology

As multi-prescription dispensing becomes more commonplace in the retail world, the issue of automating the inspection process increases both in importance and difficulty. The importance derives not only from the obvious medical impact of assuring correct medications, but from the economic advantages of reducing the need for manual inspection. This difficulty derives from the changing nature and variety of medications that have to be examined.

The social benefit of improved inspection technology is very clear. Any reasonable and economically viable inspection process is likely to be far more accurate and consistent than a human inspection. It is reasonable to predict that any human, manually inspecting containers and counting and identifying pills, will have a significant error rate. Automation will assure the reliability of product delivery as well as reducing production time and cost. This will enable a more rapid acceptance of new technology in the marketplace and help improve the rate of patient compliance in taking medications and reduce overall health costs.

To achieve this goal, Edge Medical has been working to integrate a variety of existing and new testing methodologies into the order fulfillment process and expand its intellectual property in that area.