Edge Medical, LLC was founded to develop new packaging and technologies to address the needs of patients who are taking multiple medications at multiple times during the day.

Today millions of patients confront a dazzling array of confusing medications and instructions. As the patient base ages and/or has debilitating medical conditions the consequences of medical overload are staggering.

Here are some facts:

  • 12.9 % of the US population is over 65. And that percentage is growing every year.
  • It is estimated that up to 290 billion dollars of extra cost every year can be attributed to people improperly taking medications.
  • 51% of seniors take 5 or more medications daily, and 25% take from 10 to 19 medications daily.
  • Up to 59% of people taking 5 or more meds are taking them improperly.
  • 23% of nursing home admissions and 10% of all hospital admissions are due to patients improperly taking medication.

Edge Medical has applied a variety of resources to seeking good solutions to address this increasingly important problem. Using its own resources for research and development and forming a strategic relationship with Luciano Packaging Technologies (www.lucianopackaging.com) Edge Medical is pursuing development and has developed products and technologies that can have impact now and in the future.

Development areas include:

  • Multiple Medication Dispensing Systems
  • Advanced Packaging Technologies
  • Production and Automated Inspection